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Aly Shaw, Performer

If anyone is looking for a vocal coach I strongly recommend using Blaze. She's smart, supportive, and patient, and pushes in just the right way.

McLean B, Musician

I appreciate Blaze's unique goofy, smiley, nurturing fashion of teaching. She listens well and understands your goals and the emotions behind them. So I feel comfortable expressing myself honestly with an open-minded person.

Maddy Klever, Performer

I can't recommend Blaze highly enough! (Especially if you're like me and struggle a lot with self confidence in town full of so much talent.) But even if you're a singing master who just wants a touch up, or brand new to singing, you can't do better than Anchorage's best vocalist! Check her out!

Kenley Kowalski, Singer

Working with Blaze has been the most influential experience I could have ever asked for. She encourages you throughout every lesson and offers wonderful critique where it’s needed. After working with Blaze I have improved my stage presence and have learned how to control my breathing along with different singing techniques that overall improved my vocal ranges.

Anna Baumgartner, 


I run a company that teaches solopreneurs how to hire and train a virtual assistant. The expert confidence boosters and voice-care tips that I learned in just 1.5 hours of Blaze’s Performance Coaching Masterclass were invaluable in producing my own online training program.  If you’re not sure if what you have to offer is going to help a lot of people, then you need Blaze because her warm, encouraging coaching style will help reveal your unique gifts!


Jess Dentato, Realtor

I started vocal sessions with Blaze yesterday and I've already started using new techniques. Let me tell ya, it doesn't just help with singing! The projection of my voice has been improving all day. Speaking loud enough for other people to hear is something I've always wanted to improve and did not know how. Getting feedback from a pro (Blaze) helps a lot because for me it starts in my mind. It was a huge boost to my confidence!


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